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Falling in love

Falling in love - Daniel Fridley

I never liked the idea of relying on other people for anything. Especially, when some might act as if they were doing me a favor, or when they would have to go out of their ways to help me. I have been independent since my eighteenth birthday, when I wished my parents a good life and moved out. Yes, I used to be a rebel (scoundrel, as my dad used to call me), but I had a right cause.

My parents were very rigid, and I had a hard time growing up. They insisted on « teaching » me the value of things and the hard labour they had to go through in order to keep me in school. Nothing ever came for free. If I wanted a toy, I had to work for it, do housework, help around the house, etc. At one point, when I was about ten years old, I stopped asking for things. I was fed up with their « teaching system ».

When I was about fourteen, I tried to leave. I made it only to Longueil, to my grandparents’ house. Their approach was not too far from my parents’. They shared my parents’ mindset: ‘’ my house, my rules.” That’s when I promised myself that at eighteen years old, I would move out.

I knew I would have to work instead of studying, but I was fine with that. I decided to postpone my studies until I was really sure I could afford it. First, I had to put a roof above my head, feed and provide for all my other needs.

Gaining my independence at eighteen made me be more cautious, calculated and definitely stronger. Maybe a bit prouder as well. Though I think the pride came later on, when I was settled in a comfortable job, earning enough money to get back to school.

Ever since I left my parents’ house, I never allowed myself to ask anyone for help. Thank God, I never got sick or seriously injured. It was a sort of “make it or break it” determination that kept me going, even when I hit rock bottom. I wouldn't have forgiven myself if I would have had anyone involved in my so called “success”. I wanted it all clean. It’s not that I felt I had something to prove. I simply didn't want to credit anyone for my happiness or my misery.

Yesterday, while I was visiting one of my friends, I met someone who had a similar path as mine. We bonded instantly. She’s a marketing internet strategist for a big company downtown. She is the first person that actually sees most of the things the same way as I do. Throughout our conversation, I got some strange vibes that I was falling for her, within no time. Could she be the one?

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After obtaining a DEC in Arts and media technology in 1997, Daniel Fridley took some courses in creative writing at Concordia University, before stepping into the wonderful world of the web. He is widely published as a columnist, author, blogger in the high spheres of web 2.0.