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Grandpa’s ticket

Grandpa’s ticket - Daniel Fridley

Today I had to take my grandfather to the dentist. He had an appointment at 4 PM for a Dental examination Boisbriand. He would have gone by himself, if his license wasn’t suspended.

Thus, I had to leave work earlier and drive all the way to West Island.

When I got at my mom’s house, he was already outside, walking up and down the sidewalk, waiting for me. He has been living with my mother for the past two years. After my grandmother passed away, he did not wish to live alone. Therefore, he sold the house and moved in with his youngest daughter, my mom. Half of the money he got from the sale was used to pay her mortgage, while a big chunk of the rest was transferred to my kids’ trust funds.

We are truly blessed to have him. When I look around, I rarely see any elders helping out their families. Usually is the other way around. Once they passed a certain age, they are ones who need help. Most of the grandpas I know have trouble dealing with their age related illnesses or financial issues, or an unlucky combination of both. Luckily, our grandpa is in good health and he had done a fantastic job managing his finances.

At seventy years old, my grandpa insists on saying that his sight is as sharp as it was twenty years ago. Before having his driving license suspended, my mom was getting worried sick each time he was driving. She used to hide his car keys, hoping that he would change his mind and let her drive him around. Needless to say that trick did not work that often.

Despite the fact that the entire family begged him to stop driving, he did not listen to any of us.

We all feared he would get into an accident, get hurt or even worse, he may die. But when you are dealing with a stubborn person, there is so little that you can do.

The day he was asked to pull over by a police officer, he had burnt a red light. The officer saw him, followed him. He gave grandpa a ticket and took his license. He also asked him to pass an eyesight test in order to be driving again. The officer invited him to park the car and get a cab.

When grandpa got home he was furious that he went straight to his room and slammed the door just like a child. My mom was so thrilled about this incident. She said it was a blessing.

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After obtaining a DEC in Arts and media technology in 1997, Daniel Fridley took some courses in creative writing at Concordia University, before stepping into the wonderful world of the web. He is widely published as a columnist, author, blogger in the high spheres of web 2.0.