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How to remove fungus and mold? Mold removal liquid in Montreal

How to remove fungus and mold? Mold removal liquid in Montreal - Daniel Fridley

In the cellar of a newly build house in Montreal, "demons" had apparently settled. This is how new residents claimed for half-a-year, which hampered them from living comfortably in their own home. Some of them left their apartmnts hurriedly not having any time to enjoy the comfort.

Near my house, a new residential complex was built. Barely a year from the completion of its construction, I could see through some windows on several floors that lights never turned on at night. Many apartments were empty although after the building was finished, quite many people started moving in.

I was curious and asked a local for the reason of this phenomenon. He was walking with a baby-stroller in the courtyard. His name was Dan. He revealed to me the secret of what was really happening in that building and why his neighbors started moving out whenever they could. One of them went to their other apartments, others were temporarily renting apartments.

I recount his story without changing any facts:

He said:

"At the beginning, everything was just ok. My wife, my children and I moved into the new apartment, brought our furniture, celebrated the event and started living in comfort, just as we'd wanted to. Our older child went to the school, we went to work. Our apartment is on the second floor.

Spring began and water appeared in the house's cellar. Either pipes had broken or the water isolation had been poorly built. Local experts managed to pump out that water."

He continued:

"The most interesting thing happened afterwards. A month after that, our younger child developed an allergic reaction. At first, we thought it was just a cough but it became worse and then we decided to visit our doctor. He didn't say anything definite, prescribed some special mixture of medicines and recommended we go outdoors to enjoy the fresh air more often. The treatment did help a bit. The cough disappeared, but returned during the night time . After a week or so my wife developed the same symptoms. I went to my friend, a house doctor.

'It appears to be an allergy,' he said to me then mold removal Montreal Company is to find out what provokes it. It can be animal fur or dander, some foods, dust in the apartment, or spores of fungi or mold.

'Have you noticed any mold in your home?' he asked.

I replied that there were small chances for that, because our house was new but I would check the apartment.

The following week, we were not successfuly in finding any traces of mold on our walls, in the bathroom or other rooms. I wasn't surprised when our neighbors from the first floor decided to resell their apartment and were moving out—they had the same allergy symptoms. They dubbed the building "the cursed one" and moved on to another neighborhood."

Dan then said:

"Out of curiosity we visited our neighbors and what was strange was that we weren't alone in facing this problem. Those who were more courageous continued living in their apartments and were trying to find the reason for such strange allergic reactions. Others, like our first-floor neighbors, left their residence. All of us had the opinion that the culprit exited in our homes and was airborne."

He continued:

"A month after, new buyers came to view my neighbor's apartment from the first floor. And what do you think, in the kitchen near the ventilation hole they found signficant growths of some black substance: mold."

À propos de l’auteur :


After obtaining a DEC in Arts and media technology in 1997, Daniel Fridley took some courses in creative writing at Concordia University, before stepping into the wonderful world of the web. He is widely published as a columnist, author, blogger in the high spheres of web 2.0.