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My Art Blog

My Art Blog - Daniel Fridley

The internet charm strikes the world with great intensity, so more and more people have been directing their work towards online platforms. The internet has contributed much towards the growth of the businesses and continues to be a great source of income stream for people who are running business websites or personal blogs and websites.

I was inspired by the work of blogs and personal websites that promote talent and other stuff as they emerged not long ago. This was the area that had caught my attention that it not only helped one to promote what one desired, but also formed a source of income.

Being a lover of art and beauty, I had decided to create a blog regarding art in order to enable people know about the unique talent I have. I specialized in the areas of stencil art, graphic design, sketches, oil painting and flower-making and thus I needed one integrated blog that would have all the tags in place with a very well and appealing interface. And for this purpose, I needed to consult a professional company which would make it for me and help me with its promotion and also, assist me in the process of earning money coupled with fame.

I had heard of the Toronto SEO Company and thus, I decided to use the services provided by the company. I compiled in a file what I wanted and how I wanted it to be done. On a bright and beautiful Monday morning, I walked towards the company’s office. To my utter surprise, the staff was very friendly and cooperative. A meeting was arranged with the manager with whom I discussed that I wanted a blog which would help me promote my talent in a smooth way and also help my blog reach a good number of people in a lesser amount of time. Upon this, I was told that this is what the company specializes in and this is the idea of search engine optimization which allows a business or a blog/website to become more visible. When the visibility of a blog/website is increased, it gets to appear higher in the ranks of searches conducted over search engines. This way, your online presence is made and more people tend to visit that particular blog/website.

The rest of the process was easy. I understood what will be done and where I shall be heading. I was satisfied and thus asked the manager to show me the blog designs from which I had to choose.

À propos de l’auteur :


After obtaining a DEC in Arts and media technology in 1997, Daniel Fridley took some courses in creative writing at Concordia University, before stepping into the wonderful world of the web. He is widely published as a columnist, author, blogger in the high spheres of web 2.0.