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We got a house!

We got a house! - Daniel Fridley

Two months ago, I enrolled in a house hunting process which made my week-ends full. Our real estate agent showed us around twelve properties so far, but none met our demands. Since our family got bigger, our two bedrooms bungalow became too small for us. We were looking for a property with three bedrooms, eventually a finished basement (that we could transform in a family room or a games room), two washrooms and a bit of back yard. If it came with a pool, it’s even better.

The children would enjoy it, there's no doubt in that.

Initially we looked for a house in the city, thinking that we won't have to travel to long to get to work. The past six years we stayed in Petite Italie, but there was nothing in the area that met our criteria, or that we could afford at the time. Thus, at the suggestion of the real estate agent, we started considering other areas as well.

Thus we ended up visiting houses in West Island. Before seeing the first house in there, I was complaining to my wife that the commute will be long, and that the traffic on the highway 40 might be an issue at a rush hour. At that point she agreed with me. But soon after seeing three other properties in Kirkland and St-Charles, she soon forgot everything about it.

She was sold from the moment she saw the third property in West-Island: a big semi-detached house, with two floors, a nicely renovated basement and a big green back yard with an in ground pool. I saw it on her face she loved that house. She was trying not to look too excited in front of the agent. At one point, she couldn't keep her straight face and asked me almost whispering: “Can we afford this house?” 

I made the calculations with the agent and we were able to buy it. I mean we were already pre-approved for two hundred and seventy thousand dollars. We were looking for a property somewhere between two hundred twenty to two hundred forty. This house was put for sale for two hundred and seventy and the owner had already reduced the price with almost ten thousands. There was no way that he would have accepted a much lower offer for it.

Two days later, after going over all the properties we have seen, we settled for the last property that my wife fell in love with. We matched the seller’s price and got the house. When we signed the papers for the house, we met the owners. A nice old couple who was moving to Alberta, in order to be closer to their children. The old lady was very chatty, and in the few minutes we spend together she mentioned her son was working in Alberta asphalt supply plant, and that she had three grandchildren that she was looking forward to seeing them often. She made me think of my own mother. I called her that very evening to give her the good news.

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After obtaining a DEC in Arts and media technology in 1997, Daniel Fridley took some courses in creative writing at Concordia University, before stepping into the wonderful world of the web. He is widely published as a columnist, author, blogger in the high spheres of web 2.0.