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Word of the day

Word of the day - Daniel Fridley

I’m living in Montreal; I lived here most part of my life. I love the diversity and multiculturalism the city has to offer. Not to mention its fabulous array of ethnic cuisines. If I would have to compare Montreal with another city, I would probably think of New York or Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to live and work in these two cities for short periods of time.

Both provided me with incredible experiences and some amazing life-time memories that I will always cherish.

Although I enjoyed living there, deep down in my heart I missed my Montreal. Most likely because my French veins were feeling left out; I was totally immersed in an Anglophone environment. I am joking. I missed it, for a thousand different reasons.

I have studied in French my entire life, from my day care to university. In all my previous positions, I worked in a French environment. English, I learnt it more from TV, and some of my friends, than school.

It still happens that ask my friends what's the meaning of one word or another. Or if I'm alone, I rely on my IPhone. This morning, for example, I learnt a new word: ‘’awning”. I was at the gym, running on the treadmill, and the sun was coming straight into my eyes. I asked the trainer if he could pull the blinds a bit lower so I don’t get direct sunlight on my face. He turned and asked me if I was referring to the awnings. For a moment I was puzzled. Then he continued saying: “the awning, the sunshade.” I smiled and nodded at him. Half of minute later he adjusted them, and I was able to continue my run.

In my mind, I was trying to figure it out how to spell the word I just heard. It sounded something close to owning but it couldn't have been that.

I burnt couple of more calories, and then headed to the locker. Before getting dressed, I checked my IPhone to see if I had any missed calls. No missed calls, no messages. Then I remembered to look for the new word. I typed “owning patronymic” and there it was: “awning”. I clicked a link to see the entire definition, but instead of that it displayed a different search: awning montreal. Apparently they were a lot of awning shops in the city. I got dressed and drove to work; I had a long day ahead of me.

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After obtaining a DEC in Arts and media technology in 1997, Daniel Fridley took some courses in creative writing at Concordia University, before stepping into the wonderful world of the web. He is widely published as a columnist, author, blogger in the high spheres of web 2.0.